Training Activity

My training now is a mixture of gym and cross-country mountain biking, with a bit of road cycling thrown in – now the ground is getting soft underfoot, I’m hoping to add a few cross-country runs into the mix as well.

I recognise that it is difficult to find time to train, and I envy those people who are able to leave the family and disappear for 4 hour rides at the weekend, and I reckon that I have a good balance with family and work now. So to help you see what I’m doing and track the changes, I’ll list all of my activity here:

o – May 2014 – Start of the summer

o – April 2014

o – March 2014

o – February 2014

o – January 2014

o – December 2013

o – November 2013 – Getting ready for the first Brass Monkey XC event

o – October 2013 – Ramping up the training

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