How we test

Hand on heart, Mombee is 100% independent… we have absolutely no links or allegiances to any brand, shop or any other commercial context… what you see reviewed on our site has either been bought by us or a friend. So we can honestly say that “we’re putting our money where our mouth is”!


Most of the reviews, as you’ll see, are really positive about products – we’re not trying to promote those, it’s just because we’ve spent the time looking at options, evaluating choices and then putting them to work in the real world. Not everything we see is perfect and we go out of our way to provide that honest constructive feedback in all cases, so that anyone reading our reviews can learn from our experiences and mistakes.


We’re also more than happy to hear other people’s views and be told that we’ve got something wrong, so if you feel that our views are overly rose-tinted, then please get in touch and tell us your thoughts… hopefully our homework has been right in most cases and the feedback that you get from Mombee helps.

Kind regards, Pete.

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