June-Dec 2014

Apologies, didn’t get time to split this into individual months, but here’s a summary of all the activity in the second half of 2014…

18th May – 25.6km on the MTB.

19th May- 23.6km on the MTB.

30th May – 23.5km on the MTB.

31st May – 80.3km road ride to Bath and back.

3rd June – 17.2km MTB outing with the local Scouts.

14th June – 36.4km MTB.

15th June – 44.7km road ride.

19th June – 20km MTB.

21st June – 47.4km Birthday outing on the Post Office bike.

24th June – 19.8km MTB.

3rd July – 48.8km road ride via Veloton.

6th July – 42.6km road ride.

14th July – 30.4km road ride.

15th July – 34.5km MTB.

18th July – 52.3km lost on a road ride.

20th July – 43.8km road ride.

27th July – 91.3km road ride.

29th July – 44.1km Castle Combe track session.

6th Aug – 18.3km MTB.

7th Aug – 25.7km MTB.

14th Aug – 5.3km run in the sun, Llafranc.

15th Aug – 8.2km run in the sun.

18th Aug – 7.8km run in the sun.

22nd Aug – 8km run in the sun.

30th Aug – 33.9km road ride.

2nd Sept – 16.3km MTB.

5th Sept – 41.3km road ride.

6th Sept – 28km road ride.

9th Sept – 29.9km MTB.

12th Sept – 46.1km road ride.

13th Sept – 45.8km road ride.

16th Sept – 25.4km MTB in the dark.

20th Sept – 53.2km road ride.

20th Sept (second ride of the day) – 56.4km road ride.

22nd Sept – 30.8km road ride.

28th Sept – 51.3km road ride.

3rd Oct – 36.7km road ride.

4th Oct – 18.3km MTB.

5th Oct – 40.3km road ride.

11th Oct – 39.1km MTB.

25th Oct – 19.6km MTB.

1st Nov – 21.4km MTB in the Forest Of Dean.

9th Nov – 31.2km road ride.

11th Nov – 6.9km winter run.

16th Nov – 43.5km road ride.

18th Nov – 26.1km MTB.

21st Nov – 6.3km wet run.

26th Nov – 6.6km muddy run.

13th Dec – 9.8km MTB, shortened by mechanical issue.

21st Dec – 26.6km MTB.

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