Firstly a bit about me…

I was 50 in 2014… a little fact that I was not best impressed about, but there’s not much I can do about it. I’ve always been an active bod who wanted to do well in individual recreational sports, but never in any real competitive capacity. Cycling has always played an important part in my down-time and for while I was a very active windsurfer and kayaker… several years back I even did a few mini-triathlons in Malmesbury to prove to myself that I could!

In terms of stats, I’m just over 6 foot tall and in Nov 2013 my weight was around 86kg, having dropped from just the wrong side of 90kg in late 2012. I started 2013 with a view to a Paris-Malmesbury cycle during the summer, so my cycle training and weight management was going well, but a serious mountain bike crash in July curtailed those plans… it stopped my training, but I managed to not let the weight pile back on. I resumed my more active cycling in September 2013 and I’m happy that the fitness is coming back.

Top Tip – I record my heart rate and calories burned (in the gym and out on my bike) with a Polar bluetooth heart rate monitor that’s linked to my iPhone, and I track all of my rides with Strava (also on the iPhone). There are ways of collecting more data about your performance, but at my level this data is sufficient to give a good indication of my relative performance week-on-week.

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