No hands = Big kid… #nohands

When did you last ride your bike no-handed? I don’t mean taking both hands off the bars while you zip/unzip a jacket, what I mean is a proper “weaving down the road for half a mile with no hands” type of no-hands.

I bet for most people it’ll be a long time, but you really should give it a go, if you can. I’ve tried it with the Bianchi, but the tight angles and hard tyres means that it always feels frightfully unstable up front, so no-hands is a short and nerve-racking experience – and on the Anthem the big tyres and really slack angles encourages it to flop around the road, needing a lot of hip action to keep it tracking straight.

What I needed was something in-between… hmmmm… so during my third spin out on the cyclocross bike yesterday, when I was feeling a little stiff in the lower back, I sat up, took my hands off the bars and just rode. I didn’t even think about what I was doing, it just felt good sitting up and watching the world go by from a higher position. Nearly a mile later, down a lumpy B-road, the CAADX was still tracking comfortably and I was enjoying the view.

So there you go, get a cyclocross bike and be a big kid all over again.

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