Design Tips and Ideas

I thought that this would be a good place to capture those little nuggets that come my working day, but may just prove useful for anyone else looking at online programmes or projects:

Tip – Start with a pencil. If you can’t visualise it with a pen and paper, then don’t dive into the technology, you’ll end up reworking almost everything.


Tip – Have a cat in the office, it helps bring a little reality into otherwise difficult days.

Tip – Macs are worth the extra they cost. We’ve moved from PCs to Macs recently, and the payback in terms of productivity (that we’d have lost battling with a temperamental Windows laptop) has been covered in just six months.

Tip – Listen more than you talk. If you’re always talking, you won’t hear other peoples’ ideas. As a consultant you need to add value, not just force your ideas onto a customer… remember the old adage about “the consultant who borrows your watch, and tells you the time”!

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