Myth – 29ers are better than 26ers. I will put up a longer discussion on this, but for my type of riding (snatching a few hours here and there, and chasing my sons around the local trails) a 26″ bike is a more agile and versatile steed. If I had more time to spend clocking miles around the Mendips and Exmoor, then I’m sure a 29″ would become a sensible option.

Myth – Saddlebags aren’t cool. I have an old-fashioned Carradice saddlebag that sits on a modern seatpost bracket – it undoubtedly impacts the sleek lines of my race bike, but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve either needed to delve into an extended biscuit/ibruprofen supply to keep someone in the peloton or ended up carrying a jacket/tools for someone who hasn’t got enough pockets. If you’re not Chris Froome, then think about a saddlebag.

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