Supporting Cafe Roubaix against Specialized

Cafe Roubaix is a little Canadian bike store that is being bullied by Specialised bike corporation over the use of the word “Roubaix” in their name.
‘Roubaix’ is a place in northern France where one of the iconic classic cycle races is held over muddy cobbled roads. It’s an insane concept, but is part of cycling’s rich history… what Roubaix isn’t exclusively is a brand name of a mass-produced, albeit very nice, bicycle.
Despite their lawyers saying that they can definitely win, because of the costs involved, it’s almost certain that Cafe Roubaix will have to admit defeat to this senseless legal challenge. So I’m supporting Mr Richter and his cafe, and sticking a proverbial two-fingers up at Mr Spesh… and will be wearing a Cafe Roubaix t-shirt with pride in the new year.
Please visit their online shop and like their Facebook page to show your support.
Cafe Roubaix

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