Exam passed – Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe Certified Associate

Last night, after a false start with the Certiport service last week, I passed my Photoshop CS6 ACA exam.

The exam consisted of 41 questions, both multiple-choice and practical questions, over 50 minutes in the exam at New College (Swindon). In the spirit of transparency, here’s the breakdown of the exam scores:

1 – Setting Project Requirements – 100%

2 – Identifying Design Elements When Preparing Images – 70%

3 – Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS6 – 100%

4 – Manipulating Images using Adobe Photoshop CS6 – 75%

5 – Publishing Digital Images using Adobe Photoshop CS6 – 50%

With the exception of the last section, where I’m sure there was only one question around publishing to the web, this seems a fair result based on the questions. I do need to find about the ‘Fuzziness’ parameter on a text graphic, which was new to me and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Feel free to contact me (pete@mombee.com) if you have any Photoshop or general photographic needs – if I can’t help directly, then I will know someone in my immediate circle of colleagues and friends who will be able to help you out.

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