Evolution of Mombee.Com

The new, much more dynamic, version of Mombee.Com has been active for over six months now and we’re starting to see the numbers of hits pick up. They’re not huge, but it’s suprising how how a bike or design search on Google throws up a Mombee result on the second or third page – which isn’t bad considering that we not using any advertising to get us onto the first page.

So I thought that it would be good to have a page that showed how our stats evolve on a regular basis, starting with Alexa. Alexa builds a picture of how a website ranks alongsode other sites by using traffic estimates from a global panel of millions of Internet users.

As of 11th Nov 2014 our Alexa rank is 13,156,378 (up 609,840). In contrast Road.CC is 25,141 and BikeRadar.com is 11,299.

17th Nov – we’ve jumped to 11,716,831, that’s a not insignificant shift.

1st Dec 2014… and we are at 11,266,953.

8th January 2015 – what a way to start a New Year, we’ve jumped 3,410,613 on the Alexa rating, and now stand at 6,728,858.

11th May – it’s been a while since we looked, but we’re now tracking at 3,929,174.

28th May – and we’re at 3,572,161… we’re also getting days of 250+ unique hits… all in all, this is pretty positive for a homemade blog about bikes.


Update 15th July 2015… No idea what’s happening with Alexa stats, as they don’t seem to mirror what’s actually happening on the web for real. We’ve now plummetted to 4,500,00, but the visitor stats and our appearance regularly on the third and fourth pages of related Google searches implies that we’re getting good traction where it really counts. I know that Google were changing their search critieria to focus on site that were ‘mobile-ready’, which we are, but something has happened to Alexa.

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