Strong floater, weak swimmer

22nd September – 28 lengths, 22 minutes…

Fourth swim session in two weeks now done and I’m still not feeling like a stronger swimmer. I’m certainly not anywhere close to stringing multiple 25 metre lengths of freestyle together, and am stuck at alternating between freestyle and breast stroke, with breathers after every 2 or 4 lengths. Actually, to be fair, if I’m just doing breast stroke I can plug on for quite a while without any breathers – it’s the freestyle that’s doing for me.

What’s frustrating is that I can spend hours on end in the sea, messing around in the surf with the kids or boogie boarding…. but I guess that much of that is just floating and not proper swimming.

I am hoping that getting a couple more swim sessions in this week, plus starting some gym sessions with weights, might just help my arms to get the strength and stamina they need to start consecutive freestyle lengths.

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