Head cams and Camcorders thoughts

Despite continued pressure from the kids, I use a Contour Roam HD, rather than a GoPro… although I suspect that we’ll need to head into GoPro shortly (just don’t tell the boys).

The Contour Roam is a bullet-shaped camera, albeit quite large, so it sits relatively flush to the top of a crash helmet. I was concerned how this sort of attachment would fair in crash and was very pleasantly survived [that the camera survived]when I went over the handlebars on the Verderas Trail, splitting my chin and destroying my brand new Giro Xar helmet – see the last few seconds of my Grand Day Out video to witness the crash footage (it’s not comfortable watching, but shows the Contour working throughout and surviving).

The one hint I do have for Contour users is to format the SD-card before each use, as I’ve had problems deleting the movie files from the camera via the iMac – and was caught out one day with no space left to capture video. Reformatting is very simple, just use a paperclip to press a sunken button in the back of the camera.

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