Rapha Winter Gloves – First impressions

For Christmas 2014 I was given a pair of Rapha Winter Gloves, but they were a size Large, which was just a little too snug for my hands. Unfortunately, given the weather was way more wintry than what we saw in late 2015, they’d sold out of the larger sizes, so I didn’t get to use them (just a refund from Rapha). So far this winter I’ve been riding in fingerless mitts and single layer MTB gloves as it’s been so warm, but the mercury is starting to dip, so I’ve treated myself to some Rapha gloves.


I’ve not been out for a ride yet – they only arrived this morning – but they are clearly lovely gloves that are going to last some time. To put that into some context, I was relying on some Altura Night Vision Waterproof gloves last winter and, after 12 months of relatively light duties, they are starting to some their age (see the image at the bottom of the article). Those Night Vision gloves are about £35 new, so although the Rapha’s come in at £80, I’m expecting to have them in use for quite a few years – so I’m thinking of this as as an investment.


There’ll be more to come once I’ve got a couple of frosty rides under my belt.


Note on prices before anyone complains – I did a quick search on the Altura Night Vision Gloves and you can get those for around £20, but it’s worth noting that I got my Rapha Winter Gloves in their sale for just £45, so I’d argue that the Rapha’s are still a better investment.



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