Why SEO matters

Let’s put this into context… by most measures Mombee.com is a small bicycle and design blog, so getting our pages onto high ranking Google pages via simple search criteria demonstrates great success with SEO.

SEO is one of those much discussed subjects on the web and, in my experience, one that’s guaranteed to attract the worst of the ‘snake oil’ merchants. But it’s actually pretty easy, and just involves being more organised when you post content.

Last Tuesday, on the way home, I heard a snippet on Radio 4 that Bradley Wiggins (our UK Tour De France and Olympics gold medallist) was to appear on The Archer, so I posted a quick note with a link to The Guardian article… and lo and behold on Wednesday it was tracking on Page 3 of Google in, just behind the likes of the BBC and Independent… not bad for a small blog.

Then later last week, with an early morning bike ride curtailed by the mist, I posted some thoughts about cycling in the fog, and that’s now on Google page 1 of a search for “tips for cycling in fog”.

It’s all to do with the tags that you assign to each post… it’s not rocket science and shouldn’t be hard… in fact all you’re trying to do is state the obvious when it comes to what question a potential reader might use when they search Google, and keep it really simple. In the ‘fog’ example, I wasn’t worried about “foggy conditions” or “mist” or “difficult cycling conditions”, just a really simple “tips for cycling in fog”.

Try it… but don’t try too hard.

Update 18th March 2014: This is the return for “Why SEO matters”…

Google SEO - 450

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