Main meal recipe – smoked haddock and spinach gratin

Finding good and tasty low-calorie meals can be challenging… more so when you’re pushed for time to prepare things… and even more so when you’re trying to maintain a good level of protein in the meal. So I was delighted when I stumbled across a smoked haddock and spinach gratin recipe on the Lavender and Lovage site that ticked all of the boxes.

All of the recipe notes are on the site – the ingredients are easy to get hold of and it’s easy to put together, from start to finish in less than an hour (which includes the 30 minutes while it cooks). You can do this all in an oven, though I couldn’t get fresh or frozen spinach, so used chard that I blanched in hot water before putting the dish together. There were a couple of other tweaks I made – I used smoked cod loin, so they were definitely boneless, but I do intend to make this again with ‘proper’ yellow smoked haddock – and I added more crème fraiche and parmesan than the recipe suggested, which added some calories but made for a great sauce once everything cooked together.

Note the recipe says that it’s 200 calories, but tweaks clearly add a bit to that.

Finally, I’m in the midst of some fairly intense training at the moment, so while I’m trying to keep the calories down I am also allowing myself a few carbs… and some new potatoes (boiled) were the perfect accompaniment for this fish dish.

I strongly recommend giving this dish a try as one of your weekly main meals, you won’t be disappointed.

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