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Wheels are a key part of a bike and will make or break your enjoyment. I’ve not spent a fortune on wheels, but have made changes based on a lot of homework.
I’ve also just replaced the wheels on my Giant from the stock rims to tubeless Easton XCTs, and want to share the experiences of that significant change in technology… it’s great for mountain bikes, but it’s an expense and I don’t think that it works for road bikes.
In no particular order, my wheels and tyres (old and new) are:

Road bike parts;

Shimano R501 – stock wheels for my Cannondale R700. These were bomb-proof wheels for 6 years, but when a spoke broke on the rear wheel, it was going to be expensive to source and replace a new spoke (bizarre as it sounds – I couldn’t quite believe it myself), so they were upgraded.

Shimano RS30 – I was hankering for RS80’s, but when Merlin Cycles had these on offer at half price and we were heading into winter, it was hard not to jump at this option.

Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres (700c x 23) – These have been my stock tyre for the past six years and have proven to be reliable options for the racer.

Mountain bike parts:

Schwalbe Nobby Nics – I’m a bit old school when it comes to mountain bike tyres and I like the square profile that the Nobby Nic provides, it’s a bit like an old Specialised Ground Control (circa 1990).

Easton XCT 26″ tubeless wheels – my first foray into the world of tubeless tyres has been an amazingly painless experience.

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